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Below is a brief overview of the services offered by our  team

Restaurant Tenant Representation

What is tenant representation or tenant rep? Simply, it is the process of hiring us to identify potential locations for your operation. Tenant representation is important because you have someone representing your best interests and not the landlord’s. We will search out the locations that best suit your needs.  Then guide you in analyzing the pros and cons of potential sites. Finally, we will represent you in the lease negotiation and transaction.

Selling Your

Our focus is to assist in the evaluation of the business and setting the selling price for your restaurant business. With our customer base, we can get your business into the market quickly with qualified buyers. We discreetly market your restaurant and have our customers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to control knowledge of your intentions from your employees and customers until you are ready. Our experience can sell your restaurant without all of the pitfalls that are usually involved in the sale of a business.

Purchasing an Existing Restaurant

If you are looking for a business to purchase and operate, we have many types for you to consider. You’ve already taken the first step by engaging a real estate and restaurant broker. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you in buying a restaurant. Prepare the materials below so you can meet with him or her in person to discuss the type of restaurant you want.